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Mock Collections for DOT Certified Urine Specimen Collection

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This training is for those that have completed a qualified DOT Specimen collection course (no more than 30 days ago) and need to now complete the 5 error free mock proficiency demonstrations.

This program is the required five mock collections in front of a webcam with a trainer qualified to monitor mock DOT collections. You should plan for 90 minutes per person.

Once purchase is complete, we will automatically email you with scheduling information and shipment information for your cups and forms (required for mock collection). Shipping costs are collected to cover sending you these items so that we may complete the proficiency demonstration.

In order to complete the proficiency demonstration you will need:

  1. A partner to play the donor role.
  2. 7 Split specimen collection cups  - we will ship these to you.
  3. 7 Federal CCFs (custody and control forms) - we will ship these to you.

This training is priced per person, purchase multiple if you want to schedule more than one training at a time.